Protective foam material for safety
in dispatch, storage and transport

Foam materials for packaging applications

Veenendaal offers a wide range of foam materials for packaging applications, which matches the steep requirements of protection during transport and storage. Our range extends from foam materials with low density via flexible foams up to hard foam materials with high density. We can deliver various types of foam in densities of 16kg/m3 up to and including 220kg/m3, so that you can produce products with varying value-for-money attributes.

Custom foam materials

With a large selection of foams, we can offer a solution for practically any application. If your demands are somewhat unusual, our engineering department can always produce custom-made foam materials, with properties to match your usage completely. If requested, we can support you also in delivering ready-cut and bonded products.

Anti-static foam materials

Anti-static foams from Veenendaal guarantee the best possible protection for packaging and transport of sensitive, electronic components and devices.

Foam according to the industry standard

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